Have you ever called someone who said, “I was just thinking of you!” 
It has happened to me often.  Know why? Because we all have a quiet voice within us that can serve as our guidance barometer.
It’s up to us to decide if we want to listen.I share this with you because it’s too important to ignore.  It can make all the difference in your life… in ANYTHING you do.  Be aware — I’m not referring to your thoughts — conscious or subconscious.  This guidance has other names:  intuition, spirit guides, angels, God, Higher consciousness…. whatever you want to call it.-

Let me share a simple story.  I just attended the surprise 90th birthday of my former neighbor, Jean, who is shown in this photo.  It was such a beautiful occasion — even with masks on.  How many of us even make it to 90?  Much less attract a room full of fans…

Jean’s husband, Tom, who has since passed away, shared how they first met.  He listened to his inner guidance when he saw Jean on a streetcar.  He not only gave her his seat, but he casually asked her if he could hold her books.  She looked up at him and agreed.  She didn’t know why she did that, but something told her it would be alright.

Tom then quickly peeked inside the front book cover to get her name and phone number.  He somehow found a tiny piece of paper to write down her information.  Tom didn’t want to seem too forward.  But he knew… HE KNEW…. she was special.  They chatted briefly, and he later called her up, asked her out, and the rest was history.

We were lucky to live across the street from them for years, and we still keep in touch.  Her warm gentleness feels like “family” to me.   I build relationships in that way… sensing the inner connection among those I meet.

My wonderful Rabbi Bruce Elder expressed it well when he said, “Each of us has the opportunity to make our own soul.”   
If you’re in business, trust your inner voice first before asking for someone’s feedback… before collaborating… before working for someone or hiring anyone.   You’ll want to hang around people who recognize your beautiful soul … just as I do!