Let’s talk about something dear to my heart.

Being loving — to yourself and others.  If you apply the same philosophy in business, it becomes your shortcut to success.

My friend, Bob Burg, internationally bestselling author and speaker coined the phrase, being a “go-giver.”  The essence is — “give first.”

Let me suggest several easy tips in applying this strategy to business.

Tip #1:  Follow in the footsteps of leaders who’ve already accomplished what you want to achieve. Read their books. Study from them.  Watch their videos.  Copy what they do.  Invest in their courses.

Tip #2:  If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, I recommend getting in touch with a business leader. Yes — you heard me correctly!
Reach out to that awesome person who you admire.  After all, that woman or man is still a person who appreciates a fan letter.  Write a personal email.
Or better than that, send out a letter in the mail.  You’ll stand out. Tip #3:  Write a script of what you’d like to say, and then consider making a cold call. Make your words succinct. No one wants to listen to a long spiel. Whether you reach a secretary or a leader directly, introduce yourself, briefly state your reason for calling, and ask permission to have a minute of their time.  Then pause — listen — see what the person says.  If he/she is busy, ask when it’s
convenient to call back.  If you are allowed to speak for a minute, make it short, and think of how you can serve them first.

Tip #4:  If you want a favor from that person — such as a sponsorship for a nonprofit project, be SURE to ask — can you have a meeting to discuss how you both could help each other.  Uncover their needs. Imagine you’re in their shoes.  Serve first — before asking for the favor of a donation or sponsorship.

I’ve done all of the above – to perfect strangers – who shared my passion to make a difference — and have been told, “That was the best cold call I’ve ever received!”

In some cases, I just reached out to wonderful people — like Leo Buscaglia — to send a custom poem and a fan letter.  It blossomed into a short correspondence that was very meaningful for me.

Take a shortcut to success.  Be kind to both others and yourself along the way.

In this journey called life, you’re making a valuable difference!

To your success,

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