We live our lives from the inside out.

When you recognize the connection between us all, you can live life from an expanded perspective.

Then, you may get to see the ripple effects of your positivity…
The results of your actions…
The smiles…

And when that happens, it’s BLISS!

Let me share what happened during my trip last week to San Diego.

It was Halloween morning, and my husband and I just finished a delicious breakfast outdoors at Snooze Eatery in Del Mar.

I wanted to show my appreciation to our very thoughtful server. So, I pulled out a blue ribbon with the words, “Who I Am Makes A Difference,” and honored Michelle, dressed up as a devil, for being such a friendly, kind person.

She was surprised and touched.  “No one ever does that!” She asked if I could please honor the manager, Chandler.

“Of course,” I answered.  Within two minutes, Chandler appeared in her motorcycle costume.  As I spoke from my heart in honoring her, I noticed how her eyes filled with tears.  I felt tears in my eyes too!

“You don’t know how much I appreciate that,” she said.  “I really needed it.” Then, the hostess Valerie rushed over and asked me if I could honor her TOO!

“Sure” I said.  She was so excited to get honored, as well as receive the two extra ribbons which I give to everyone.  This allows them to honor someone else, who can then pass on the third ribbon to anyone they choose.

Before I knew it, more people around me were wearing the blue ribbon! Smiles popped up like popcorn.

AMAZING!  The joy was palpable.

I called my friend, Sparky Bridges, Founder of Blue Ribbons Worldwide, who offered to drive over that afternoon and meet the manager.  When she arrived, a server named Mike helped us, and he got honored too!  Sparky was given a complimentary breakfast!

Check out the picture montage that’s shown above… and allow yourself to tune into the feelings you perceive… even through the masks.

There IS magic in being a giver.

When you value someone, the joy comes right back to you! Get ten free blue ribbons at:  http://www.blueribbons.org.
(You can order more, which goes towards providing programs that help eradicate bullying and boost self-esteem.)

I invite you to experience this magic yourself… honor someone — anyone — and watch what happens.  It’s perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond.

Remember — you have greatness inside you.

To Your Success,
Lynn P.S. Want to explore the power of building your mindset? Feel free to schedule a complimentary interview to see if you
qualify for the beta launch of my new 12-week Mindset Mastery program.  Text or call my new hotline:  847-906-2775.