Want a shortcut to success? In any activity we undertake, someone has already gone before us, learned something, persevered and achieved success.I once watched a speaker who demonstrated how many people run their businesses.  He allowed himself to walk into a wall.
(He gently hit his head on that wall!)

“That’s what most people do,” he said, rubbing his head. He turned away and started towards the nearby door.

“Most people are trying to figure out everything on their own, and it takes too long.  The simplest way to succeed is…”

He then opened the door. “Follow someone who has gone before us. Learn from their actions… and then you can easily find your way to success.”

Here are five time-tested shortcut tips:

1. Hire or outsource some of your work. You’ll free up your time to concentrate on what’s most enjoyable and profitable for you.

2.  Leverage your time by repurposing your content. A short video can be transcribed into an article.  It can also posted as audio on social media. You’ve now got three pieces of content instead of just one!

3. Connect and learn from successful leaders. Freely promote their work. Become a “go-giver.”  Give first. You’ll achieve results more quickly and authentically.

Those two words — “go-giver” were coined together and have become a recognized phrase worldwide by two special people, co-authors Bob Burg and John David Mann. Google those words, and you’ll discover a series of ‘can’t put down,’ internationally best-selling books that reveal important leadership secrets.

4.  Invest your time wisely.  Time is your most precious commodity.   

5.  Set goals and establish your priorities.

It’s never too late to become the next success story!

I believe in you!  🙂

To your success,


P.S.  On August 23rd, Aaron Avila will be interviewing me on Stroke TV Media, to honor the passing of our mutual, dear friend Roland Takaoka, who passed away from a 4th stroke. (I’ll share the link with you when it’s ready.)

After a third stroke paralyzed his entire right side, Roland had a clear vision of how to live his life.  His motto was, “Expand In Joy!”

I highly recommend reading his memoir, which I published posthumously.

“Roland’s Story: Inspired By A Stroke, A Memoir of Hope, Healing & Transformation can be found at:  https://bit.ly/Amazon-Roland

I encourage you all — create, write and speak your inspiring stories while you’re still on earth.  The world needs to hear from you!