Week #1 of the New Year! How did it go for you?

While we’re faced with world challenges, I’d like to offer a bouquet of uplifting thoughts.

Here are a few…

1.     Surround yourself with special people – “Go-Givers.”  Go-Givers is a name, coined by my friend and colleague, Bob Burg, for those who put relationships as the priority.  Give first.

2.     Be aware of the connections among us.   As my friend and colleague, Helice “Grandma Sparky” Bridges says, “Who you are makes a difference.”

3.     “Love the life you have, while you create the life of your dreams,” by Hal Elrod, Best-selling author of The Miracle Morning.  (“The Miracle Morning” movie too.)

4.     “There’s no one else in the world exactly like you.  So love yourself and live with gratitude.
You’re here for a Higher reason.  
By Lynn Sanders

I believe we can make our life into whatever we want it to be. 

We get to decide the reasons behind our challenges.

We get to choose how to deal with those challenges.

And we get to choose how we live each day… and how we wake up tomorrow. 

Let’s make this year about creating the person we want to be.

Oprah says, “The biggest adventure is living the life of your dreams.”

What is the life of your dreams?

Let’s make 2022 the year for us to make it happen!

To Your Success,