Happy Thanksgiving!

Wherever we live and whatever we do, let us be thankful for our listening skills.

It’s our business to ask questions and listen to the answers. We get to help others decide the exact problem that needs solving.
Then, we help them solve it. Listening is crucial to building any relationship.
Listening demonstrates respect.
Listening shows you care.

When you listen, you’re connecting at the heart level.

If you can refrain from glancing at your cell phone, or from interrupting, your listening ability communicates that you value that person above anything else at that moment.

Our world needs more people who listen to each other. (Would you agree?)

Beyond that, we also need to listen to our own thoughts.

What are we saying to ourselves?

Our feelings become thoughts; those thoughts become actions; and the actions define who we are.

That becomes “the story” of our life.

As a “difference maker,” you get to create your life story through listening with greater awareness of the power
behind your words.

To magnify your results, I’ve decided to give you my “Craft Your Story Program” at a holiday rate.

You’ll get to listen — at your own convenience — to three recorded modules (and a bonus session!).

AND… whenever you’re ready, I’ve included a complimentary hour of private story consulting. (That makes this program almost free…)

Visit: http://asklynnsanders.com/CraftYourStory

No matter what, thanks for all you do.

I’m here to listen and let you know that I’m grateful for you.

To Your Success,