Today is the DAY! Join me as I step onto the virtual stage with my new webinar, “The Power of Story: How To Attract A 6-Figure Donation, Expand Exposure and Build Your Following.”

It’s based on 30+ years of experience in the creative storytelling world, and I’m excited to deliver value to you.

I’m making three promises:  Learn valuable tips to: craft, tell and share your story that produces results.

It’s happening TONIGHT – 7-8:30 pm (CST), and you can register free at: Save time on your calendar!

To make this memorable, I’ll be sharing the good, bad and ugly of my story.

You’ll get the authentic me… and hopefully, that inspires you.  Some of you reading these words have been an important part of my story…
and I’m most grateful to you.

And for those who don’t know my story, I believe you’ll find it compelling.   It can give you ideas about crafting your own story too.

If you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording. I’m giving a free gift to all attendees too!

Thanks for all you do!

To your success,