I thought I had learned this lesson, but it’s happening to me again…

What happens on the inside affects the outside.

You may already know that thoughts affect feelings, which then lead to actions — either positive or negative.  It’s up to us to decide what thoughts we want to think.

Yet, even when we’re conscious of this truth, life tests us, doesn’t it?   
Again and again, we get to choose how to react to situations beyond our control.

I’m getting a heaping dose of challenging lessons right now, and I’m diligently choosing to follow practices that put me into a better mindset.

One of my dearest friends is dealing with ALS, a most devastating disease, and the anguish that she feels has affected me.  As I write these words, my lower back hurts, and I realize it has an emotional component.   (I also got a back x-ray yesterday, so I’m not certain of my next steps…)

According to Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, each part of our body reflects different emotional components.  The back relates to the foundation of our life.  So — when something major shakes up the foundation of our being, our body reacts in its own way.

Still, we DO have control.  Our mind is in charge.  We DO choose how to deal with adversity.

One of my heroes was my beloved friend, Roland Takaoka, who was a master at mindset.  He served as my wingman for four years during the live streaming broadcast of “The Difference Makers.”  Roland would joke and laugh, even though a third stroke had left his entire right side paralyzed.  Most people never knew of his physical condition, because you only saw him onscreen from the waist up.

As Roland used to say, “Expand in joy.”  He was one of the most optimistic people you’d ever meet.  When he suddenly passed away from a fourth stroke on August 23, 2018, I knew I HAD to publish his memoir to carry on his positive legacy.  It’s quite an uplifting, humorous story of his experiences in the hospital and rehab.  A fascinating read on mindset.

You’re welcome to check out the reviews or buy Roland’s Story: Inspired By A Stroke at: https://bit.ly/Amazon-Roland (I have a few copies left for $20 (includes shipping), if you want it personalized. Just contact me with your mailing address, and we’ll work out the details.)

Keep in mind — when faced with challenges, contemplate what you CAN do. 

For my friend with ALS, I”m organizing a recorded “Love Letters” zoom party this Saturday with her inner circle.  Whoever shows up will share their love for her, a favorite story, and then she’ll get the recording.  It’s an uplifting way for her to see the faces of loved ones before a major medical procedure on Monday.

I share this with you because I believe we’re all facing “stuff” right now.  It’s not always within our control.  Yet — what we CAN control is our thoughts.

We CAN choose to take positive actions every day.

It’s the least we can do… and the most we can do…

To continue making a positive difference.

Thanks for being you!