While I’ve loved writing ever since I picked up a pencil, I realize that not everyone feels that way.

Do you feel like everything you write must be perfect?  That your writing must serve some purpose?  That it needs to captivate.  Fascinate. Sell. Promote… (etc., etc…)

AND MOST Importantly — Do you feel your writing MUST MOVE PEOPLE TO ACTION??!!??!!!
Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!  How much pressure we put on ourselves.

I’ve felt like that a million times, until I decide to step back and play with words.

What if… we wrote like we were finger-painting words on paper?

What if… we just wrote for fun?  For no purpose?  For the sheer joy of self-expression?

As a writer, I wrote this blog intentionally in hopes that you’d read my email.  And yet, I also enjoy writing for fun.  For self-expression.  I love how the poetry of e.e. Cummings inspired me to write in new ways.

So, I’d like to suggest an idea for you that can bring you joy.

Let’s build writing muscles by just playing with words.

Practice writing as you would any sport.  Just for fun — with NO intention… NO purpose.

Write a letter that never gets sent.  Write about a special vacation.  Write an imaginary dialogue between people you know.

If you don’t know what to write, start by writing, “I don’t know what to write….” And keep writing those words until new ones come to you.

Let your mind relax.  Imagine you’re floating and allow a wave of words to flow over you.

Let your words simmer in a tasty soup.

Imagine your words are ingredients for an amazing dessert.  Dabble.  Stir. Mix the chewy words with elegant swirls of honey.  Savor the sound of words.

To get good at any skill, we all benefit from practicing.

By doing this writing exercise, just writing with no expectations, you may be able to discover a joy in writing that provides a purpose in the future.

If you’re willing to open your heart to writing without judgment, you can discover a wonderful world of self-expression.  You can be a kid again.  Write any ol’ words and don’t worry about them.

Writing for fun can ultimately lead you to discovering your own voice.

So write on….  The keys to fun are right at your fingertips.

Here’s to your success,